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Dental Implants are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth as well as give a fixed solution to getting detachable partial or complete dentures

Everything about Dental Implants

Artificial roots that are used for replacing any missing teeth are called dental implants. It is substantiated by research that the much needed fusion with the bone is actually stimulated with the biocompatible surfaces of dental implants. After this stimulation, the implants are fixed to the whole tooth replacement or the bridge or crown to ensure that they serve the same purpose as natural teeth.

Every year, throughout the world, millions of implants are used for replacing teeth in patients. As a matter of fact, the trend of implants is growing steadily because of their high success rate.

 Advantages of Dental Implants

1. Providing a Successful and Safe Solution:
One of the most successful methods of tooth replacement that are used nowadays is dental implants and this fact is widely accepted. It is difficult to differentiate between natural teeth and modern prosthetics and implants, which are placed by specially trained dentists. It is possible to match the color, contours and shape of the implants or replacement teeth with that of your natural teeth. Also, other healthy teeth will not be compromised when dental implants are used for replacing missing or bad teeth.

2. Looking Young As Ever
One of the most vital advantages that are offered by dental implants is that of natural bone maintenance. Over time, the bone starts resorbing if teeth are missing. A sunken chin and mouth, wrinkled lips and shrunk contours of the jawbone is the result of significant bone loss. The resorbing of the jawbone can be halted and bone loss can be prevented by stimulating the growth of bone with the help of dental implants.

3. Keeping Teeth Healthy
Previously, conventional teeth bridges were used for replacing missing teeth. The adjacent teeth had to be ground down because they were used as anchors in this procedure. However, this is eliminated when dental implants are used and people can have their healthy and natural teeth in their original position.

4. Lasting and Comfortable Solutions
The latest implant solutions and prosthetics that are used are highly durable. In comparison to conventional dentures, the current implants are more comfortable, stable and functional. In addition, the body also finds it easier to tolerate the dental implants because they are composed of biocompatible materials. A prosthetic solution can last for a number of years as long as people maintain a good oral hygiene and take proper care. As a matter of fact, these implants can even be for life.

5. Providing Security and Stable Retention
Just like natural teeth, the implant-supported tooth replacements and prosthetic solutions have a stable retention and can therefore offer durability, reliability and strength. Integrated dental implants are used for securely anchoring prosthetic, bridges and crowns. Taste and speech impairment, gum irritation, poor fit and pressure points are some of the problems associated with conventional prosthetics, but are eliminated with dental implants.

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Porcelain Veneers

Replacement of a Missing Tooth

Crown on Implants

The best choice for people is an all-ceramic dental crown for dental implants when people are missing only a single tooth. The foundation for a dental crown is formed by the implant.


Replacement of Several Missing Teeth

Bridges on Dental Implants

Protection can be provided to the remaining healthy teeth and bone loss can be counteracted with a bridge that receives support from implants. A functional and esthetically pleasing result can be obtained with a bridge that’s anchored firmly to implants in case of replacement of two or more missing teeth. This is because the loss of natural bone is prevented in this way.

Replacement of All Missing Teeth

Your quality of life can undergo a devastating impact if all your teeth are missing. People will look and even feel older. Different conventional solutions can be used to rectify this problem.  Chewing capacity is also reduced because of the loose attachment of the tooth replacement and this gives rise to poor digestion and unbalanced diet. For instance, it is almost impossible for people to eat crunchy fruits and vegetables. Apart from that, the functionality of the tooth replacement reduces over time and promotes bone loss. The sense of taste can also be reduced when a denture is used for covering the palate.

As opposed to them, prosthetics anchored by implants resemble natural teeth and work like them. According to people, restored self-esteem is the best thing about implant-supported dental prosthetics. People can talk, eat and laugh uninhibited. Also, messy adhesive and improper fit are downsides of conventional dental prosthetics, which are relieved. People can enjoy a better and higher quality of life with tooth replacements that are securely fitted.

Removable Tooth Replacement on Dental Implants

Two or more implants that have mechanical anchors can be used for securing a removable prosthetic and retains them securely. The beauty of an implant-supported prosthetic is that it looks and functions just like natural teeth after it have been placed. Acrylic denture is not used for covering the roof of the mouth so the sense of taste isn’t affected. Another benefit is that for cleaning purposes, the bridge can be removed.

Removable Bridge on a Dental Implant Bar

Two or more implants support the bar, which is a supportive element of removable prosthetic. Secure retention is provided by attaching the prosthetic to the bar. Again, easy cleaning can be done by removing the prosthetic.

Fixed Dental Implants Supporting Bridge

A dental implant bridge is part of a fixed prosthesis and four or more implants provide it with support. The gum is kept free because the dental implants are used for fixing the prosthesis firmly. Therefore, taste sensation remains unaffected. Teeth can also function without any restriction because of screw retained bridges.
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The All-on- 4 treatment concept offers our patients various clear benefits

The All-on- 4 treatment concept offers our patients various clear benefits:

  • Stability even in minimum bone volume
  • Reduce grafting in 80% of cases
  • 3D Planning for safe and predictable surgery (Nobelguide)
  • 3D pre-planning ensure the intended prosthetic outcome
  • Minimally invasive procedure


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